Monday, November 22, 2010

Riding unhappy?

Hi guys

I’ve just received a comment on Ride Happy which made me stop and think. I’ve reproduced the comment below to save everyone having to look it up (comments can be viewed by anyone, but you need to click on the link below the post):

Sounds like you're riding a bit unhappy there. I figure if people are out and about, cyclists, triathletes or what not, they are out and about, and riding their bikes. Why so much negativity if they're not as "euro" as you think people should be. How boring if we were all the same.

I’m not sure who made the comment, but it’s a valid one. My previous post was a bit snobbish and you were right to pull me up on it. I agree – whatever your poison, getting out and about on your bike is awesome and there should be more people doing it. If more people rode their bikes instead of driving we would all be better off. And yes, I would HATE it if we all rode Colnagos and didn’t get out of bed for less than 100km. I admit, I would prefer it if some people washed their bikes more often but honestly, if you saw my commuter bike you’d say the same to me. (But yes, that’s my snobbery again.) The fact is that this weekend was beautiful in Melbourne, sunny and still and perfect bike riding weather. I was stuck having coffee at a café by myself because I’ve just gotten injured again and on physio’s orders I couldn’t go ride with my mates. So instead of getting out and about I was moping around feeling sorry for myself. So I think I vented some of that cabin fever in my post. But that’s no excuse and I apologise to anyone I may have offended, whether you are a triathlete or not.

Having said that, I try hard to ensure that Ride Happy isn’t a skipping-through-the-daisy-fields plain vanilla type place. Life’s too short to take too seriously. Yes, I crossed the line from whimsical to cynical in my last post… but if we can’t laugh at ourselves what’s the fun of it all?

I’m still trying to decide whether to publish my Ali Baba and the 40 Triathletes story. Perhaps it’s better left out. Happy to take comments though.

Ride happy – I’ll do my best to do the same!


  1. Hey Lisa - I thought that post about the triathletes was pretty funny, and I thought the comment back was a little bit lacking in humour.

    I know you don't want to offend people, but this is your blog, and if people are here, it's because they want to read what you (or your Mum) thinks. Don't water it down - you'll just end up being anonymous (like the brave soul who criticized your previous post...)

    For example, look at BSNYC - I bet he gets HEAPS of hate mail, but his blog is really funny and has a huge following.

  2. Post it!
    From my experience triathletes can make like a Johnny Holmes co star and cop it on the chin.

  3. The comments were fine. As Noel Coward was wont to say "If all you like to do is spread nasty gossip about people, then come over here and sit next to me"

  4. Lisa, it makes me sad you put so much typing into defending your blog opinion. Godamnit, it's your blog! But in allowing the public to comment, criticism goes with the territory. With art....comes the critic.

    For roadies, bagging triathletes is simply tradition - just as MTBers bag roadies, Chopper-riders bag Kawasaki riders, and surfers bag windsurfers (or as they would call them, windwankers). I'm sure experienced triathletes are used to that, and I'm pretty sure your critic is a tri-borg but a bit young.

    You're an incredibly positive person, but that doesn't mean you have to be all the time. Give us your opinion, as it is. We read and like it because it's usually hilarious and/or spot-on.

    It follows that if you DON'T post your Ali Baba story, I'm unsubscribing!

  5. as a rule, triathletes can't swim very well either.

  6. I looked forward to reading the tale of Ali baba, and the 40 Triathlete's. It is a shame that parody was lost on some. Tell them not to read it so they won't be offended, and your blog is a breathe of humor, and if one cannot giggle at oneself, one should be living in country where there is no free speech.

  7. Don't think you should censor yourself!

  8. If they don't like what you have to say, they can just not read it!

  9. Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback. Guess this story is going to get out one way or another!

  10. I admit, I would prefer it if some people washed their bikes more often
    Why didn't you just say something to me, if it's such an issue? :-P

    Related to the post, most all of what you write is humerous - it's what makes your blog so enjoyable. If Anon wasn't able to pick up that you were being funny (possibly a new concept to them if Cam is right, and they're a tri-borg), then perhaps they need to read more of your blog to "get to know you" a little better :-)