Sunday, May 2, 2010

Canberra Tour wrap-up

Stage 3 is done and dusted. Today was another surprise- 3 riders made a move at 5km and stayed away. Jenny O'Brien won the stage- massive effort. I needed to make up a fair few seconds, which meant a breakaway. It didn't happen early enough and Jo had the legs to go with me, which meant a 2nd GC for me and a well-earned win for her.

Now I've got a couple of days in Canberra with Andy before I head back to Melbourne on Wed. There's a fair bit to organise before I head o/s on Monday (including the small matter of a bike), but I am really going to enjoy a relax tomorrow. And I really can't wait to head to Europe! The tour didn't quite go to plan but I'm happy with where my form is at.


  1. Ooohhhh I recognise that horizon / carpark.

    Hey well done, Lisa. Your form is definitely on the up, riding consistently.

    Looking forward to some race reports from the real thing (tm) in Euro. Plenty of pics of croissant + nutella and real coffee and and training on Euro roads at Euro training o'clock. MMmmm *jealous* :-D

  2. Heard the race details from DC. Top work!

    hey if you need a bike, there is an old malvern star things chained up on brunswick st...

    see you wednesday :)