Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family time

Quick pic of my sister and I at Adelaide's Central Market a few weeks ago when I was home. Cathy is my big sister and has always looked out for me. This included letting me play with her and her friends, and sharing her twisties at the Magic Cave when I spilt mine on the floor. Unfortunately because she was always smaller than me growing up, I would get the blame when we were fighting because she would cry first. Now though we play nicely and she still looks out for me.


  1. Nice. Cathy is my son's student teacher at the moment (and before that was my other son's childcare student observer -- for want of a better word. Adelaide is a small place.
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  2. What a small world! Your son is in good hands Angus!

  3. Wow! That is amazing... so I have one son in my class, one son at my previous placement, I bumped into your wife at my uni AND you read my sister's blog...looks like I've pretty much collected the whole family set!