Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ged's quote of the week

This quotable quote comes from Ged, a fellow legal eagle who overheard the following on Beach Road a few days ago. I loved it. Hope you do too:

30-something cyclist:                 “Do you notice those rims in cross wind?” [Referring to a bling set of Zipp 404s]
Other 30-something cyclist:        “Not really. I mostly notice them when riding past store windows. In fact, I find that’s when they really come into their own.”

If there are guys with that kind of humour riding Beach Road, clearly I need to get down there more often.

Ride happy


  1. riding "passed"? Your Uni lecturers would be turning in their graves ;-)/

    I think most down that way use their bling Zipp's to contest the Mordi 40kph "sprint" just prior to the mandatory 25 minute stop to brag about exploits during the 20 odd ks they just did on the way down from Racer.

  2. sorry, like most of the legal fraternity I'm an a-retentive pedant.

  3. Nice post; made me smile.
    Good to see there's some humour on display on Beach Road these days.