Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things I have learned...

It's now been 2 and a half weeks since I became a full-time athlete, and it's taking some getting used to. There are some really good things, like sleeping more and being able to train when the roads are quiet. And there are some not so good things. Like, how many more rainbow paddlepops do I have to eat before I win a Wii?? I just need to get that pesky end piece, and I'm not sure how much more ice confection I can take. And I'm not even sure if I really want a Wii anyway, but it's not about the Wii anymore, it's about NOT GIVING UP, even if it means dying in a sea of browny sludge outside the general store as all my rainbow paddlepops melt around me.

But mostly, the things are good. Top 5 thoughts of the week:

1. The Mountain Gym in Mt Beauty should be world heritage listed. Tin shed, never locked, no machines that aren't hand-made, lots of free weights and mirrors (because, let's face it, you can get as massive as you want but if you can't check yourself out while you're getting massive then what's the point?)... and no attendants (what are you, soft?). Gold.

2. No matter how hard I try, I will never look massive enough to be on a 'Bodybuilding Ladies of the Eighties' poster like those adorning the walls of said Mountain Gym. For starters, I don't think my hair is big enough.

3. Wild parrots who eat out of your hand are cool. Riding your bike on rollers is cool. Hungry wild parrots while you are riding your bike on rollers is NOT cool. (I survived... just)

4. The new James Bond film is pretty fun, but as far as I could work out there was no plot. Just a lot of Daniel Craig scowling. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

5. I am getting faster! Took 26 secs off my time on Monday's time trial in Bright (on a spanking S-Works TT bike kindly provided by DC @ Fitzroy Revolution - see left). Now down to 24:51. Yeah!!!

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